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Open Harmony Projects 2020 - 2022

We are immensely grateful for the investment and support of many different organisations in the last two years (since lockdown and beyond).

With our partners - Community Resource, People's Postcode Lottery, National Lottery Community Fund and Landau - we have delivered innovative projects to empower and inspire the local community through enjoying music together, through listening and holistic support.

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Support from the Open Harmony music community to those who are self-isolating from covid 

This project has been supported by Shropshire Council delivered locally by Community Resource

We have expanded our services and reach:

  • Reaching more people in Shropshire who will benefit

  • Reaching into different locations in Shropshire

  • Continuing to develop and rollout our peer-led core programme, including music skills, alongside creative, life and employment skills, leading to greater social connection, friendships, and people contributing back to the community, e.g. through volunteering or  self-employment, creating a much longer-lasting impact

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Music Support Groups for Positive Self-Esteem & Friendship

Two group members playing guitar in music meetup, Feb 2022

"Creates positivity, awesome meeting the people on the group" Group member, March 2022

Funding from the People's Postcode Lottery in January, February and March 2022 enabled weekly online and in-person music sessions for isolated and vulnerable people to boost their confidence and mental well-being.

We were able to give vital support to people who were isolated and struggling during a very hard winter, and we are very grateful and proud we could do this.

In a survey of group members' feedback about what being part of the group gives them, respondents said the main positives are:

  • Learning skills e.g. music, creativity, teamwork, communication, social

  • Being part of something bigger, sense of belonging

  • Feeling more positive, more confident, less anxious or depressed

  • Achieving life goals e.g. work or creative goals e.g. writing a song

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Community of people enjoying music

Music, Support & Creative Leadership Programme 2022

  • Exciting new Creative Leadership Awareness & Training group sessions

  • Empowering, uplifting, weekly group music sessions: in-person and online

  • 1:1 holistic support via phone, email, whatsapp, facebook groups: for every member to reach goals, support emotional wellbeing

  • Support, training and development for 6 volunteers

  • Work experience as Session Support Worker for young musician on work placement

Logo for Landau Community Grants, funded by European Social Fund, commissioned by Education & Skills Funding Agency

Music making more jobs since 2020

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